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Providing Secure External Storage For Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs

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    Secure external storage for electric mobility vehicles

    Scooter Store is designed especially for owners of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Just press a button, drive in and plug in to the power system. No need to drag your vehicle through the house or mess about with heavy locks and covers. While it stands safely outside its batteries can be charging ready for your next trip.

    The size of the store is 1.525 L x 1.220 W x 1.070 H. It is small enough to be sited underneath most windows.

    Example of one of our recent installations outside customer's house

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    Affordable Products

    Efficient Service

    Easy Installations

    What Our Customers Say about Us

    “I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with the Scooter Store installation.

    The team who came to deliver and install were friendly, polite, helpful, clean, tidy, and efficient and a credit to your company.

    Upon their arrival with the store completely made up, we had to totally re-plan how and where the store was to fit. This did not phase them at all and they allowed me time, patiently and without harassment, to decide on a new plan and assisted in completely re-measuring the space to ensure that I had adequate space to park my car and safely manoeuvre in and out with my scooter.

    They also installed the electrics very efficiently from my conservatory clearing up any mess behind them and returning everything to their former positions.

    On completion of the job I was given a fully comprehensive run down on the safe usage of the product.

    I would recommend your product to anyone wishing to have a great product installed by an efficient team”
    Mr Stephens
    I am writing to say how pleased, satisfied with care taken installing my scooter store. They explained fully how to use equipment and left the court tidy.
    Mrs Moore
    Unsure if you would like feedback, but felt it was the thing to do as you have been very helpful. The store is fantastic and much safer now than leaving the scooter within a confined hallway. The gauge of steel is much thicker than expected and the general workmanship is fantastic.
    Mr Jones
    Very impressed. A good product and one that I would certainly recommend to others.
    Mr Wilkes
    North Wales